With over 40 employees and machineries’ fleet steadily growing, we perform third parties processing of mechanical parts for various industrial fields ensuring precision, attention to details and on-time deliveries.

50 years

Our company was born in 1965 by the will of the Bonomini brothers and in 2011 it became a family-run Srl now in its third generation.

An Italian company abroad

Our processing quality is world-wide known, and nowadays we count many commercial collaborations with Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey and the USA.

A certified

We obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2012, attesting the precision and the quality standards we have while performing every mechanical process.

A calling for
the firearms field

We were born as a partner of the firearms field, which requires precise components more than any other industrial field, but we currently collaborate with many other businesses.

More than
40 employees

In the mechanical processing we can count on the professionalism and the competence of more than 40 employees that developed a great field experience.

4.0 Machinery

Our success is the result of a constant investment in mechatronics, the 4.0 industry and the usage of the best technologies currently available.

A mechanical workshop with strong values on the back

The year was the 1965 when Celso Bonomini, with the help of his brother and his wife Ester, founded the Bonomini Mechanical Workshop, a third party mechanical parts production specialized company with a strong specialization for the firearms field.

In 1990 the workshop became O.M.C.B. Snc and in 2011 it turns into a Srl guided by Celso’s sons, Giuseppe and Giancarlo. Also Celso’s grandsons take an active role in the company today and they share the same passion with their Grandpa, the eye for details and the desire to grow, all values that have always made our company a world-wide known Italian entity.

A trusted collaborator for every industrial field

Although our company was founded exclusively as a firearms field supplier, the continuous mechatronics and advanced solution investment, the punctuality and the production flexibility, as well as the quality of our products, allowed us to grow in other fields, becoming a trusted supplier for the:

  • Hydraulic sector
  • Pneumatic sector
  • Electromedical sector
  • Earthmoving sector
  • Valves sector
  • Petrochemical sector

A reality where safety comes first

Since the beginning our goal has been the risk prevention in our company and the safety of our employees on the workplace.

To do that, we adopted every prevention and security measure required for the protection of the health and the safety in the workplace, including:

  • The risk evaluation document
  • The documentation concerning the observance of safety norms
  • Making the machinery, tools and equipment safe


Contact us to personally test the quality, care and technology that is in each piece machined.